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Neuroinfuser Dark Circle Corrector

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What is it for:

• Discoloration under eyes

• Eye lifting

• Fine lines and wrinkles

Use it:

Daily morning and/or evening.

Dispense a drop on ring finger tap gently under each eye. Follow with Cucumber Peptide Eye Crème if desired.

Best Results:

1-8 weeks.

Following 8 weeks of use clients saw an improvement in the appearance around their eyes. Some felt an improvement in the skins texture as well as an immediate lifting effect.

How it works:

This one of a kind corrector is dynamic that it addresses two main causes of dark circles in the eye area. This revitalizing fluid targets an accumulation of melanin and delicate blood vessels that release heme, the cause of vissable dark appearance. Shadownyl™ provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation benefits reduce darkness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful crème packed with a synergistic complex and botanical extracts strengthen capillaries and reinforce their resistance reactivating microcirculation.

Your Benefits:

The skin around your eyes will be firmer and lifted

Your dark circles will be eliminated

Fine lines and wrinkles will be plumper and invisible

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