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Q & A About Clinicure

Q. How long will it take to notice a benefit from using the system?
A. Independent clinical tests of the system reveal most users notice fuller, healthier and thicker-looking hair after one week of use.

Q. Can RESCUE or TREAT actually re-grow hair?
A. Both TREAT formulas ensure an optimal scalp environment to maximize hair's natural growth potential. Over time, RESCUE is clinically proven to decrease the number of hairs in the telogen phase and increase the number of hairs in the anagen phase, resulting in fuller, thicker-looking hair.

Q. Do you have to keep using Clinicure to maintain results?
A. Yes, continue using Clinicure even if you notice fuller, thicker-looking hair.

Q. Is there a correlation between the time a client has been thinning and when he or she will see results?
A. It's easier to maintain and prevent hair loss than it is to regain lost quality of hair. Therefore, people who have just started thinning tend to see faster results than those who have been thinning for some time.

Q. When do you use TREAT and when do you use RESCUE?
A. TREAT should be used at the early signs of thinning. Clients who are more concerned with advanced thinning should use RESCUE.

Q. Can TREAT or RESCUE be used as standalone products? For example, if you're thinning in just the temple area and currently using a different daily Joico regimen, can you use TREAT alone?
A. Clinicure products are formulated to work synergistically. For maximum results, we recommend using the complete regimen. That said, clients can use TREAT or RESCUE alone in targeted areas if they desire.

Q. Do TREAT and RESCUE build up on the scalp?
A. TREAT and RESCUE are formulated to leave no residue or buildup on the scalp or hair when used as directed.

Q. If you are currently a Re:nu user, should you switch to Clinicure?
A. This decision should be based on the client's primary hair care needs and desires.

Q. If you are using Re:nual Serum, can you also use TREAT or RESCUE?
A. Re:nual Serum and Clinicure TREAT or RESCUE should not be used together. Select the best treatment product based on the client's primary hair care needs.

Q. Is there an in-salon treatment?
A. Stylists may perform gentle scalp massages with TREAT or RESCUE at the back bar or stylist's station. These products work best when used on a daily basis.

Q. What exactly are the active ingredients in Densiox Complex?
A. Densiox Complex is a patented blend of decyltetradecylamine and lauramine oxides.

Q. Do any Clinicure products contain Minoxidil?
A. No, Clinicure products are specially formulated with proven botanicals, vitamins and advanced hair care science to deliver maximum results without side effects or drugs.

Q. Should Clinicure be recommended to clients on hormone replacement therapy?
A. While Clinicure is botanically based and drug-free, we recommend clients with sensitive medical prescriptions consult with their doctor prior to starting a Clinicure regimen.

Q. What vasodilators are used in TREAT and RESCUE to increase microcirculation to the scalp?
A. Methyl nicotinate is in both TREAT products and benzyl nicotinate is in RESCUE. Both of these ingredients have effects similar to Niacin. Nettle and Ivy extract also boost micro-circulation.

Q. Why doesn't Clinicure contain Human Hair Keratin Protein?
A. Fine and thinning hair isn't necessarily damaged or in need of reconstruction. While our formulas do contain many scalp and hair conditioning and strengthening botanical ingredients, Clinicure's ingredient focus is on creating an optimal scalp environment for healthy hair growth. For thinning hair clients with hair damage, we recommend K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor as a supplemental weekly treatment.

Q. Why aren't Clinicure shampoos sulfate-free?
A. Most sulfate-free products on the market today use a high level of surfactants to create foam, which can actually dry out hair. Clinicure CLEANSE products are formulated to offer safe and gentle cleansing. The regimen designated for chemically-treated hair protects color from fading with special glycoprotein.

Q. Why should hair be dry prior to applying TREAT or RESCUE?
A. TREAT and RESCUE should be kept away from skin on the face and neck. To prevent product from dripping onto the face and neck, it is safest to apply both products to hair that is almost completely dry.

Q. Can the liquid consistency of TREAT affect dry hairstyles?
A. When used as directed, TREAT dries without leaving a sticky or oily residue on hair. For maximum scalp coverage, avoid using stylers prior to applying TREAT.

Q. Which Joico styling products complement Clinicure?
A. Joico's Body Luxe styling products provide great volume, body and movement to fine and thinning hair types. To prevent styles from going flat or frizzy in high humidity areas, we recommend Design Collection Humidity Blocker as a finisher.

Q. From where are glycoproteins derived?
A. Botanical glycoproteins are derived from potatoes and aloe vera.

Q. What is coix extract and what does it do for the scalp and hair?
A. Coix extract, or Coix lacryma-jobi (AKA Job's Tears), is derived from grain similar to barley; this grain is used in Asia as a food ingredient. Coix is rich in lipids, niacin, protein, thiamine and other vitamins vital to hair and scalp health.

Q. Are there synthetic materials in Clinicure's fragrance?
A. No, Clinicure's fragrance is all natural; the formula's peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and other natural oils create Clinicure's invigorating scent. 

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